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    Taste the fruits of 1001 islands and experience Mediterranean as it once was
    Taste the Fruits of 1000 Islands.
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    Exclusive wine region where the land meets the sea
    Taste the Fruits of 1000 Islands.
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    Making wine since the dawn of time.
    Grown by man, picked by hand and made with love.
    Taste the Fruits of 1000 Islands.
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    Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    Feel the history come alive.
    Taste the Fruits of 1000 Islands.
Diversity is the spice of life. Nowhere else does this ring truer than on the Croatian coast. Every one of the 1000 islands has its own wine, its own cuisine. All of it grown by man, picked by hand and prepared with love. Come, set sail with us on a roller coaster ride for your taste buds.
7 days, 8 islands, 12 wineries,
5 authentic restaurants, 6 Venetian renaissance towns.
All-inclusive prices start from 2000 euro per guest.
Spend a holiday without a care in the world. Get picked up at the airport and taken to your boat. While you wind down and relax, we set sail for 8 magnificent islands across the Adriatic. Sample some of the finest wines of the region and dine in some 5 of the best restaurants on the Croatian coast.
-Lie back and soak in the sun. Your hostess and a seaworthy skipper will cater to your every whim on a weeklong sailing trip along the Croatian coast.
-All the trimmings and supplies are included.
-Enjoy a speedboat ride from the Old Town of Hvar to a hidden lagoon where dinner will be served.
-Savour 7 carefully selected bottles you will find on board
-Pop some prime Croatian cork in 12 tasting sessions
-Pick the brains of our knowledgeable crew and find out more about Croatian wines
-Revel in the local dishes made from fresh ingredients by an experienced chef or set your own menu and have our chef prepare it for you.
-Please, let us know in advance what you can’t live without and we’ll make sure to have it on board.
-Discover interesting places to eat - from high-end to home-grown
-Explore the secrets of centuries-old cellars and vineyards
-Touch thousand-year-old walls of ancient Mediterranean towns
-Ride all over the islands and enjoy the view. Chauffer included.
Explore the route and trip highlights
All of our yachts are marvels of modern nautical design with state-of-art equipment. Just pick the favorite background of the nicest lonely cove or a stunning fort-town and enjoy the sunsets.
True sailors will love a more sporty approach to travel, aboard a luxury sailboat powered by the wind (or engines). Experience the magic of sailing in all of its glory.
Two hulls means a lot less lean, so lounging in the front net shadowed by the sails becomes a real joy. Enjoy the view from the flying bridge, while we serve dinner on deck.
Explore our fleet
Refreshing on the catamaran Lagoon 560
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The Tomic winery - Jelsa town, the island of Hvar
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Oyster farm at the Peljesac peninsula
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Flock of saddled breams
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The town of Vis
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At the Lesic Dimitri restaurant
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Vineyards of Vugava sort
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At the wine tasting
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You decide on the details of your trip. How big your boat is going to be, where you are going to anchor, what activities you would like to pursue, even which restaurants to visit. Once we arrange everything, it will be just smooth sailing (or motor boating).
Tell us what you would like to see or let us recommend the best places to see
Omnivore to vegetarian menus and everything in-between, tell us what makes your mouth water and we will make arrangements for your trip accordingly.
Of course, great holidays do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Go all in or give us a set budget. Whatever works for you.
Customization is available upon booking.
A long tradition of naming winds in the Mediterranean can be traced all the way to Homer's Illiad. For instance, Boreas, the bringer of winter, is still in use today.

Most common Adriatic winds:
Bura, Tramontana, Maestral, Jugo
Wide range of indigenous grape varietals combined with an infinite variety of microclimates on Dalmatian islands and hillsides makes wine tasting in Croatia really special.

Some of the most famous wines from this region:
Babic, Bogdanuša, Maraština, Plavac mali, Pošip, Vugava